Where Will You Birth?

cooperbirth-15bwUNT Nurse-Midwives provide birth services primarily at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth.  Since 2005, Harris Hospital has partnered with our group to support the women we serve.The nurses at Harris understand that pregnancy is a natural process and believe that every woman deserves a safe and satisfying birth experience.  We believe that hospital birth provides the best of both worlds.  While having the options of low to no interventions, you also have the availability of immediate resuscitation for your baby with a Level 3 NICU if needed.

At Harris, your birthing suite can be your home away from home. You are free to use your own music, aromatherapy and wear what you want. Options of no IV, intermittent fetal monitoring, laboring and birthing in water are not only common, but routine, for our patients.  Our physician back up are always available for emergencies and respect our differences in practice styles.
cooperbirth-203bwWe understand that making the decision on where to give birth is very important.  We believe hospital birth is the safest option for the majority of families. As you are interviewing potential providers, please consider the following questions:

Hospital Birth:

  • How important is it to you to have the option of pain management?
  • Is waterbirth available?
  • What is the cesarean section rate of the practice and the hospital?
  • Does the hospital have on site specialists such as Perinatologists and Neonatologists?
  • In the event of Cesarean Section, do they offer Gentle C-Section?
  • Does the nursing management fully support Nurse-Midwifery care?
  • Does the staff promote immediate skin to skin, delayed cord clamping, doula support, unlimited family presence and nurses that understand natural labor support?

cooperbirth-243bwBirth Center or Home Birth:

  • Does your insurance cover out of hospital birth?
  • Does the midwife adhere to a risking criteria and refer or consult for problems or complications?
  • What happens if complications of pregnancy occur requiring transfer of care and you have already paid out of pocket?
  • Are the providers Nurse-Midwives or Certified Professional MIdwives? Did they explain the differences?
  • Who is the backup physician? Do you have the option of meeting him or her?
  • In the event of an emergency or need for transfer, does the Birth Center have a relationship with a local hospital and physician group? How is the relationship structured?
  • What are the most common reasons you would be taken to the hospital?
  • If you transfer to a hospital, who accompanies you?
  • Is the Birth Center licensed and if so by whom?
  • Is the Birth Center accredited?

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